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Welcome to Digital PR Ltd. Working with global brands, from the largest NGO's to the FTSE 100, we enable our clients to distribute their video content to global broadcasters and track the entire process. 

News Content Management

In a world wracked by conflict and armed violence, the ICRC brings hope and humanity to millions of people across the globe. This film highlights the organization's work to protect and assist victims of war -- treating the wounded, providing shelter and clean water, reuniting families and promoting respect for the rules of war.

We specialise in supplying news footage to journalists and broadcasters. Our News Content Management technology handles archiving, logging, storage, download demands and free-to-access permissions.

Perfect for journalists requiring broadcast quality footage. And a perfect release from the demands of managing and responding to real-time, urgent requests for news or b-roll footage.

Click to visit The ICRC Newsroom

Click to visit The ICRC Newsroom

"DPR have helped The ICRC to considerably expand the audience for ICRC audiovisual material. This expansion has been on two levels: reaching more broadcast media with the effective and simple distribution of large digital files as well as other humanitarian organizations; and individuals interested in featuring ICRC audiovisual material in their work." 
Jean Milligan, Head of Print and Audiovisual Production Unit at ICRC.

Click to visit the IFRC Newsroom

Click to visit the IFRC Newsroom

"The newsroom provided by DPR  has enabled us at The IFRC to streamline what was traditionally a very labour and time intensive process. Given the nature of our organisation the newsroom has proved critical at times of crises, eg. Japan Earthquake and Libya crisis in 2011. Digital PR worked with us throughout the night during these times getting our content out to broadcasters globally; a feat which would have been very difficult to accomplish and mirror the results had we used traditional methods. We're now into the second year of our relationship with Digital PR and we look forward to continue working with them." 
Benoit Carpentier, Head of Audio Visual, IFRC